New Eastside Business Spotlight: Drunken Bean

New Eastside Business Spotlight: Drunken Bean

The Drunken Bean is located on the north side of Lakeshore East Park, but it is not your average coffee shop experience.

The coffee shop opened its doors in January 2018. Owner Nick Papageorgiou wanted to combine the experience of a coffee café with a wine bar. His concept was to take a customer from day to night without leaving his space. This is how the name of the establishment became the “Drunken Bean.” However, Mr. Papageorgiou originally considered, “Tipsy Bean,” before arriving on the coffee shop’s current brand. After its opening in 2018, Drunken Bean became a local favorite like Nick Papageorgiou’s other two eating spots, Gordo’s and Eggy’s. Due to its instant popularity, customers would often find themselves in a long line to come and eat.

During its morning rush, Drunken Bean serves Colectivo, a fair-trade organic coffee. For a delicious selection of pastries and sweets, they collaborate with a local bakery called the “Goddess and the Baker.” Other food is made in-house including seasonal drinks and meals.

Jason and Freddy, managers of Drunken Bean, work together to create new, unique seasonal drinks and meals for customers to enjoy. After breakfast, the menu switches to lunch and dinner items. Their popular gelato options are served year-round. Wine and dinner options are correlated with each other and change periodically as new menu items rotate in.

A Local Favorite
This restaurant is the perfect place for locals to work during the day and get together with friends at night. Mom groups, book clubs, and pickleball players are among some of the regular customers that enjoy Drunken Bean on the regular. Every Saturday morning, there is live music from ten o’clock in the morning to one o’clock in the afternoon.

There is occasional live music on Thursday and Friday nights. Locals and visitors can enjoy this local hangout spot’s welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. Enjoy the customized murals and other artwork inside the space created by a local artist, Elloo. During the week, Drunken Bean offers a ten percent discount on food to local customers.

For Their 4-Legged Friends
Drunken Bean adds extensions to its restaurant such as its unique food truck, Fido to Go. Fido to Go specializes in dog treats and toys and is popular with dog owners in the neighborhood. The food truck is open every Saturday from 8-1 p.m. Drunken Bean also serves pup cups every day that you can pick up from their outdoor order window. There is seating for you and your four-legged friends available on the outside patio area during the warmer months.

Along with seasonal items for breakfast and dinner, Drunken Bean offers several specials throughout the week. Monday through Friday from 4:30-6:30 is when they offer half-off wines and flatbreads. This deal includes five-dollar draft beers and select cocktails. For lunch and dinner, they have a daily-changing soup to choose from for your meal.

From morning to night, there is something for everyone to enjoy when visiting here. Visit Drunken Bean located on E. South Water Street amongst other local Chicago favorites. Try out some of their seasonal winter cocktails before they are gone!

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