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Welcome to New Eastside's Independent Landlord Ratings! If you are wondering about a specific landlord or property manager in the neighborhood this is the place for you. A "Yelp" of sorts for renters looking to get real life feedback about properties before they move in, this site allows you to read reviews left by current and former tenants. The goal? Make renting on the New Eastside more transparent for residents.

While it is impossible to guarantee a perfect landlord-tenant relationship, steps can be taken to verify the landlord's reputation. Through surveys from over 100+ of the area's properties, find answers to questions like:

·       Is the landlord responsive to your maintenance requests?

·       Are the common areas maintained?

·       Does your landlord respect your privacy?

Tenants are often held to a very high standard when leasing a property. Why should that process be one-sided? Social proof is an excellent way to hold landlords accountable. Coming together as a community to share and inform one another about the good (and the bad) aspects of rental properties can drive demand. If a property is highly sought-after, word will travel. If a building has a less-than-stellar reputation, that information should be known as well. Nothing motivates landlords to improve like vacancy rates!

New Eastside's Independent Landlord Ratings have everything you need to make smart rental choices and get settled in a vibrant neighborhood that has so much to offer. If you have any questions about your relocation or how to utilize this page, please contact me.

If you are currently renting from an independent landlord in the New Eastside and would like to share your experience, kindly complete the brief form below. If Ginger Menne Real Estate has a copy of your lease agreement, your rating will be verified and will feature the verified logo. In case you need to provide a copy of your lease, you can submit it to ginger@gingermenne.com.

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