Knock Out Charters – Chicago Boat Tours 

Knock Out Charters – Chicago Boat Tours 

Knock Out Charters

Located in Chicago, Knock Out Charters is a top-notch boat charter company that specializes in providing exceptional boat tours. Its founder and owner, Captain Chris Connor, has over 40 years of experience in sailing and powerboating, with more than two decades spent on Lake Michigan. Captain Chris is a resident of the New East Side and operates the company from Dusable Harbor. Supporting local businesses is a priority for them.

Captain Chris, a licensed Master Captain rated to 100 tons, ensures that every charter is an unforgettable experience by bringing his passion for boating to every trip. He believes that everyone should experience the same sense of joy and excitement that he feels when he sets foot on a boat.

In 2007, Knock Out Charters was established by Captain Chris because he felt that there was a lack of boat charter companies in Chicago that provided customers with the level of service they deserved. Since then, the company has become an award-winning business that sets the standard for boat tours in Chicago.

Knock Out Charters is committed to providing customers with the best possible experience, starting from the moment they discover the company until they step onto the docks and are greeted by the friendly staff. They offer a range of services, including 2-5 hour boat charters, marriage proposals, casino packages, scattering of ashes, and architecture tours. Customers can easily book their charters online through the company's website at

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