Why the New Eastside Might be the Perfect Place to Live!

Why the New Eastside Might be the Perfect Place to Live!

The New Eastside in Chicago has everything you need and more, but what makes it so special compared to other cities? All its amazing amenities, activities, and sense of community! Let’s look at why Chicago’s New Eastside might just be the perfect place to live.

Seasonal Activities
There is no shortage of activities to do when you live in the New Eastside. Every season has different activities for residents to take part in.

In the Chicago summertime, there are countless activities to do outside and along the river. Maggie Daley Park hosts rock climbing, rollerblading, and tennis during the summer months. Grant and Millennium Park have live music events throughout the season. Beaches and water sports are another way for residents to enjoy the warm weather with friends and family.

Music festivals and other outside events continue until it gets colder outside. For Halloween, the riverwalk has a pumpkin patch, and there are costume contests for children.

Like summer, there are plenty of events and activities to take part in during the winter months on the New Eastside. Millennium Park and Maggie Daley Park are known for their unique ice-skating rinks. Navy Pier has a “winter wonderland” theme during the colder months. If you want to stay inside, theatre and ballet shows happen regularly. New Eastside is not far from the Loop which has several major storefronts to stroll along, especially on State Street.

Trails for walking, biking, and running are available to the public once the weather warms up. Residents also travel the short distance to Lake Geneva, WI to visit the lake and take part in local events. A local Easter egg hunt is an exciting event for kids during this time of year too!

A Variety of Dining Options
The New Eastside has a huge selection of different restaurants. From breakfast to dinner, there is something for everyone. Eggy’s Diner Chicago is the go-to spot for breakfast and Sunday brunch. Ming Hin Cuisine and Avli on the Park are popular choices for those wanting to have something other than American cuisine. Brown Bag Seafood Co. is one of the many environmentally-friendly restaurants in Chicago. The Palm is the neighborhood go to for the regulars and features caricature portraits on the walls.

Perks of the New Eastside Community
The New Eastside contains different living options to meet any person’s needs. Condos, townhouses, vertical neighborhoods, and apartments are available to rent or purchase. Housing is built up around a six-acre park used for events, celebrations, and recreation. Conveniently, the New Eastside is right next to the Loop, the Chicago River, and Lake Michigan. The underground Pedway system links different areas of Chicago together. While it is close to other Chicago communities, the New Eastside feels like a gated community, giving residents a sense of togetherness.
Living on the New Eastside has some other unique perks too – like no yard work. Plus, while Chicago is in the Midwest, it has not had a tornado in many years. And, because Chicago is in the middle of the United States, it does not have hurricanes or earthquakes, unlike coastal regions.

Other New Eastside Features
This area is filled with attractions and has a diverse community. Here are some of the other features New Eastside has:
• Pro sports teams featuring the Cubs, White Sox, and the Chicago Bears
• Columbia and Chicago Yacht Clubs
• The Navy Pier Children’s Museum
• Miniature golf, kayaking, and rock climbing
• A variety of high-quality elementary and high schools
• Dog-friendly areas and much more!

Considering a move to the New Eastside and want to hear more? Please don’t hesitate to contact Ginger Menne for current real estate trends and her take on why this community is quite possibly the perfect place to live!

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