September 24, 2023

Why an Experienced Real Estate Agent Matters?

September 24, 2023

Why an Experienced Real Estate Agent Matters?

Why hiring an experience agent matters?

The four key reasons why seasoned local market agents matter are:

Accurate pricing:

They can rightly value properties initially to prevent lengthy market time and price adjustments, thus potentially reducing selling time and preserving seller profits.

Enhanced communication:

With years in the field, they've honed their communication tools for effective negotiations, thus boosting customer satisfaction.

Professional network:

Their long-standing relationships within the agent community can provide insights about active buyers and upcoming listings, benefiting their clients.

Deal with complex situations:

Their experience equips them to handle difficult transactions, ensuring a successful closing.

Why an Experienced Real Estate Agent Matters?

As someone with two decades of experience in Lakeshore East's thriving real estate sector, I sometimes wonder if I should step aside for younger, more aggressive agents. When fresh-faced realtors with their ambitious plans and modern sales strategies come along, I wonder if they are better suited to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of real estate sales. Questioning my own relevance is natural now and again, but then I see a property listing riddled with small but significant errors and I remember exactly why experience in this industry is irreplaceable.

I am not opposed to new ways, innovative tools, or groundbreaking methodologies. In fact, I believe these elements are essential for the growth of any industry, including real estate. However, over the years, I have come to realize that some things, like the intricate understanding of listings' pricing, or the ability to ensure seamless communication, can only be mastered with time.

The Value of Experience

Over my time in the industry, it’s the small, intricate details that I’ve come to appreciate. For instance, correctly pricing a listing right off the bat is pivotal. This ensures the property doesn't linger on the market, experiencing multiple price adjustments that ultimately result in the seller receiving less and prolonging the sale. An overlooked detail by many new agents, this knowledge only comes with years in the field, sharpening your skills, and learning the nuances of the market.

More so, three paramount pillars have supported me over the years: personalized tools, robust relationships, and thorough market knowledge, each developed and refined through trial and error. From advanced communication strategies with buyers and sellers to leveraging high-tech tools for pricing and listing, my robust repertoire helps me serve my clients efficiently and effectively.

Building Relationships

Over these years, I've also fostered relationships with other seasoned agents. These professional connections form a network of trust and knowledge. We know whom we enjoy working with, who has the buyers we need, and who has the listings or upcoming listings we're scouting for our clients. We're familiar with who is actively looking in the neighborhood and maintain regular communication. This gives us a direct pulse of the local market, something that inexperienced agents may take time to develop.

Recently, I found myself in a situation where my long-established connections and understanding of the marketplace played a key role. An agent with a prospective buyer was stuck between my listing and a property listed by an agent unfamiliar to him. My competence in maintaining a steady deal even with a challenging buyer gave the agent confidence. Furthermore, I was able to provide some insight into the potential issues with the other listing. The agent then guided his buyer based on this information, and I secured the deal for my seller, managing it till the very end.

The Bottom Line

Remember, closing a deal is the ultimate goal. If a deal falls through, its loss amounts to wasted time, resources, and potential dislocation into a new market atmosphere. For sellers, this inevitably means re-strategizing. It's during these times that the value of a seasoned real estate agent truly becomes evident. Our combination of experience, long term relationships, and an honed skill set allows us to navigate even the toughest markets.

In a nutshell, experience shapes an agent's skills and abilities. It grants them wisdom to recognize mistakes, craft strategies, develop tools, and nurture valuable relationships. It's pivotal in keeping deals together and ensuring that every seller and buyer can navigate the real estate market with confidence. So, the next time you consider who to represent your real estate interests, remember: an experienced agent matters immeasurably.


"Working with Ginger was so wonderful. She was available and helpful through the entire process. She has an excellent understanding of the Lakeshore East market, and got a lot of people in to see my unit. She respected our opinions on pricing and negotiating, and was helpful in deciding what to do. We felt very taken care of throughout the process. "

Bob & Margaret

"Ginger's level of professionalism and knowledge about the Lakeshore East neighborhood is amazing! The sale of our condo was effortless on our part as Ginger lead the entire process. We felt taken care from our first contact through closing! We highly recommend contacting Ginger if you are thinking of selling!"

Dr. Shah

"Ginger did an excellent job taking care of selling my condo.  She took care of all the details and I didn't have to worry about anything.  Her expertise and experience in the LakeShore East market resulted in multiple offers and a quick sale.  She and her attorney, Marc, are a great team."

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