October 30, 2023

Top Bars Near Lakeshore East for Watching Bears Games

October 30, 2023

Top Bars Near Lakeshore East for Watching Bears Games

Where to watch the Bears!

Chicago's New Eastside isn't home to its own sports bar, but that doesn't mean residents are short of places to soak in the football fever during the Bears' season. If you live in the neighborhood, these seven bars and restaurants should be your go-to hangouts to catch all the action. So gear up, find your fan crowd, and experience a viewing like no other.

Napolita in Millennium Park

Uniquely positioned within walking distance for New Eastside residents, Napolita is an excellent choice for enjoying the Bears game. Boasting two large video screens, an immersive sound system, a sizable bar, and special happy hour prices during the games, it's an unmissable destination on game day.

Emerald Loop

An Irish Pub with a delightful twist. Not only are there plenty of screens to follow every play, but they also offer tantalizing football weekend specials that satiate your hunger while you enjoy the game.

Harry Carey's Navy Pier

Step into this venue for a pre-game tailgate and stay for the enthralling game. What sets Harry Carey's apart is its unique brunch menu and array of beverage specials. Bacardi, Patrón, Sam Adams, Truly Wild Berry, Angry Orchard, and Twisted Tea grace the menu, hinting at a flavorful game day ahead.

Millers Pub

This place has a genuine game-day vibe that will give any Bears fan an adrenaline rush. Always packed on game days, especially when home games conclude, expect it to be standing room only. Yet, the buzz is well worth the experience!

Mother Hubbards

At Mother Hubbards, you can never go wrong, for it's a perfect blend of a pub with great food and sports. Packed with numerous TVs and promising a loyal fan base, this sports bar encourages you to wear your jersey and let your team spirit shine.

Timothy O'Tools

Imagine the experience of bar hopping and live games all in one place. Conveniently, Timothy O'Tools does just that. Apart from offering an exhilarating atmosphere with countless TVs and a fantastic food menu, they also run a shuttle service for round trips to Soldier Field for game days.


Going beyond the conventional, Theory ups the ante by offering customizable guest setups, including a private room equipped with a 133" screen. You won't miss a minute of the action thanks to their 35+ TVs dotted around the venue. All big games come with audio turned up - it’s like hosting your own game-watching party!

It may not have a sports bar of its own, but the New Eastside Chicago community isn’t missing out. With these appealing options, every Bears game is a long-awaited celebration. Let the good times roll and cheers to the Bears this season!

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