February 17, 2023

Navigating the Chicago Pedway from the New Eastside

February 17, 2023

Navigating the Chicago Pedway from the New Eastside

The Chicago Pedway is described as a system of underground walkways connecting hotels, apartment buildings, bus and train stations, civic buildings, and various downtown businesses. But some would call it a three-story concrete maze of pedestrian confusion. While some areas of the pedway are well-lit with helpful signage and cheerfully decorated, others are dim and deserted. Read on for some pedway background and helpful points of interest to keep you on track if you are entering it from the New Eastside.

A Brief Chicago Pedway History

The pedway was built with safety in mind – to remove pedestrians from the very hectic Chicago street traffic. So, in 1951 the City of Chicago connected the Red Line to the Blue Line at Washington and Jackson Boulevard. Ever since public and private funds have expanded the pedway to connect more than 50 buildings. Doing so has indeed provided safe and convenient pedestrian travel but has also aided in its confusion when navigating the tunnel system. With so many hands in its development, the Chicago Pedway has unfortunately lost design continuity. Pedestrians find themselves reading inconsistent signage, approaching locked doors, and following down escalators when they should be going up.

The New Eastside

A newly developed urban area featuring a gorgeous 6-acre park in its center, the Lakeshore East micro- neighborhood is highly sought-after by single adults and families alike. Bringing convenience and multi- use amenities like fountains, playgrounds, and walking trails together in a vertical three-level landscape, this area makes efficient use of its space. Businesses and retail outlets continue to choose The New Eastside when opening new locations because of the fast-growing popularity and accessibility.

Accessing the Chicago Pedway from The New Eastside

A new pedway access point was added when the Aqua Tower was built in 2009 and connects three hotels in the Lakeshore East micro-neighborhood. The Aqua Tower, the Hyatt Regency, and the Heritage at Millennium Park are all now part of the Chicago Pedway system. As the newest section of the pedway, the New Eastside area features a cleaner, carpeted vibe that is popular with young families.

Once you reach this entry, there is a helpful map outside the Aqua elevator bank. Be aware, however, that the pedway has two separate bridges that cross Columbus Drive and they do not intersect with one another. One bridge leads you to the Chicago Loop while the other bridge takes you to Michigan Avenue and Wacker Drive.

Points of Interest along the North and South Branches of the Chicago Pedway

Working your way toward the North Branch of the pedway offers extensive fast food and carry-out dining options at 111 E. Wacker. Walking along the pedway’s South Branch delivers pedestrians to abundant shopping, dining, and entertainment opportunities including a Macy’s department store and Block Thirty Seven, a multi-level indoor mall and movie theatre.

For everyday tasks, there is a UPS Store located under the Swissotel at 323 E. Wacker Drive. It is located down the escalators and to the left when entering the hallway. Another helpful outlet is the FedEx Print and Ship located under the Fairmont Hotel, accessible by the pedway. There are also multiple Amazon lockers available in and around the New Eastside’s pedway area for delivery convenience.

Lakeshore East is filled with so many exciting opportunities for not only recreation but everyday Chicago living. If you are looking to join this vibrant neighborhood, be sure to contact premier New Eastside agent, Ginger Menne today!

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