November 21, 2023

Navigating Lakeshore East: A Short Video Guide

November 21, 2023

Navigating Lakeshore East: A Short Video Guide

Navigating Lakeshore East: A Short Video Guide

Are you perplexed by the multiple levels and hidden elevators in Lakeshore East? Navigating this area can be tricky, but fear not! In this short video, we'll show you four different elevators that will help you access the lower and upper levels with ease. Additionally, we'll guide you on how to reach the lakefront path from the park. Once you learn these shortcuts, navigating the New Eastside will become a breeze.
Click Here for a video to guide to navigating the Chicago pedway from the New Eastside

St. Regis Elevator

The first elevator, located in the St. Regis building, is the newest addition. To access it, head to the upper walkway between Waterside and Wacker or the lower walkway between the park and lower Wacker Drive.

Tides Elevator

Next, we have the parking garage elevator situated in the Tides building. To find it, make your way to the elevator vestibule from the park. Once inside, you'll exit on the upper level behind the Coast rental building.

Aqua-Park Elevator

If you're at the west end of the park, the Aqua elevator is perfect for you. This elevator offers direct access from the park, next to the spiral stairs. It also stops on the mid-level, allowing you to easily access the pedway. The upper level grants access to the walkway on the east side of Aqua, providing a stunning view of Lakeshore East Park.

Shoreham Elevator

Moving on to the fourth elevator, it's located in the Shoreham. For the easiest entry, find the vestibule in the northeast corner of the park. The upper vestibule will lead you to a small walkway connecting to Waterside Driveā€”a convenient route for residents and guests of the Regatta, Chandler, and Cascades buildings.

Lakefront Path

Now, let's talk about accessing the lakefront path from the park. Look for the walkway by the Lancaster building and venture under Lakeshore Drive. You'll emerge near Dusable Harbor, completing your journey.
While navigating Lakeshore East can initially be challenging, becoming familiar with these hidden elevators and shortcuts will transform it into a stress-free experience. Check out the video and start exploring the New Eastside with confidence!

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