June is National Foster A Pet Month!

June is National Foster A Pet Month!

Fostering a pet is an extremely rewarding way to volunteer and directly help care for animals at your local shelter. This is a perfect opportunity for someone who is looking for a short-term commitment to care for animals.

Chicago Animal Care and Control is at critical capacity right now, which means great dogs and cats will be euthanized in the shelter because they do not have space.

See below for some wonderful organizations in the Chicago area if you are interested in fostering a sweet fur baby!
The Anti-Cruelty Society’s Foster Program provides a vital lifeline to help provide special accommodations for some of the animals in our care. The individual love and care of a foster parent gives a pet the opportunity to flourish in a home environment where they can grow and thrive before continuing their journey. Fostering varies from a few weeks to months, but the impact on the pet and person lasts a lifetime.

MCP Chicago Rescue & Outreach-Fosters commit to taking an animal in and most of the time without too much known background. Fosters are what gives us the opportunity to truly get to know our dog/cats and prepare them to be successful in their Forever Homes.

We look for good communication skills, to form an honest and successful relationships. We look for patient, selfless, dedicated humans looking to help make a difference in the world.

One Tail at a Time-Without caring, open-minded, and patient homes to help transition One Tail animals into a home setting, our rescue could not carry out our mission or accomplish our goals. As a foster parent, you are giving a rescue dog or cat a new lease on life! By providing a temporary home for one of our animals, you are agreeing to care for that animal for 7 days or longer. If you submit a foster application and do not hear back within 72 hours, feel free to email foster@onetail.org to ensure your application went through.

Trio Animal Foundation-Thank you for your interest in becoming a Trio Animal Foundation foster parent volunteer! Foster parents provide temporary care for dogs and puppies in their own homes. Fostering is flexible enough for most lifestyles and TAF will custom-match the dogs to each foster home. By offering your time, energy and home to a dog in need, you prepare the animal for adoption into a permanent home.

Chicago Canine Rescue is looking for loving homes to temporarily foster dogs in need! Foster parents provide temporary housing, care, love, and training to their foster dog while CCR finds thier forever home. It’s a safe place for a newly rescued dog to rest, recuperate, and recover while they wait for the perfect place to come along! By fostering, you can help us save more lives – fostering makes space at the shelter for more dogs in need, as well as providing our dogs with the happiest, healthiest experience possible for their stay in “the system.”

PAWS Chicago’s Foster Program is critical to our rescue work. It enables us to increase the number of homeless pets we can save by placing them in temporary foster homes. Foster homes also give pets a warm, loving environment to heal, grow and flourish. As a foster parent, your role is to welcome a pet (or pets) into your home and provide food, water, toys and lots of love.

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