How to Choose the Best Listing Agent

How to Choose the Best Listing Agent

Selecting the Ideal Listing Agent: Questions to Ask

Selling your property can be a daunting task, especially in the current market. To ensure you select the best agent for the job, consider interviewing at least two or three candidates and asking them the following questions:

How many properties have you successfully closed in the past year?
Asking this question can provide immediate insight into the agent’s skill level in managing transactions from start to finish. It can also give you a sense of their experience and contacts within a broader network of brokers and buyers' agents, which are essential for successful deals.

What is your list-to-sale ratio?
The list-to-sale ratio is the sale price of a property divided by the last list price. An average list-to-sale ratio of over 100% indicates that the property sold for more than the asking price. This percentage can provide insight into your agent’s competency in pricing, market navigation, and negotiation.

How will you price my home?
The pricing strategy is critical to your transaction's success, and overpricing a property can be detrimental. Asking this question can indicate whether the agent understands how to competitively price a home to drive multiple offers.

What is your pre-marketing strategy for my property?
A robust pre-marketing strategy, including high-quality photography and communication with other brokers, can set the stage for a successful deal. This question can help you determine the agent's approach to pre-marketing and whether they have the necessary experience to execute it effectively.

Can I speak with one of your previous clients?
Speaking with a previous client can provide unbiased information about the agent's ability to set strategy, navigate the market, and negotiate. Be sure to ask about the negotiation process to understand the agent's skillset in this crucial area.

If you are ready to sell your home, consider asking these questions to help you choose the best listing agent for the job. If you are in The Chicago area, I would be honored to be considered for the position. Let's chat. 312-927-0852

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