The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Listing Agent: Beyond the Basics

Selling your home isn’t just a transaction—it’s a significant life event that requires a strategic and personalized approach. Many articles will tell you to ask about marketing plans, professional photography, and testimonials. While those elements are important, what truly sets a listing agent apart goes beyond the basics. Let’s dive into the questions that uncover the unique and critical aspects of a superior listing agent, focusing on the personalized handling of showings, value-added follow-ups, continued marketing efforts, and deep relationships within the community. Here’s how to ensure you hire an agent who will not just list your home but sell it effectively and efficiently.
1. How do you handle showings to ensure buyer interest?
A great listing agent doesn’t just open the door; they create an experience. Ask how the agent conducts showings and gauges buyer interest. A standout agent will engage with potential buyers to understand their needs, address their concerns, and highlight how your home meets their criteria. They should know competing listings and use this knowledge to position your condo as the perfect fit. It’s not just a tour—it’s a tailored experience that guides buyers to see the possibilities your home offers.
2. What follow-up strategies do you use after showings?
Effective follow-up can be the difference between a buyer losing interest and making an offer. Inquire about the agent’s follow-up methods. A proactive agent will send detailed information, personalized videos, and neighborhood guides to keep your home top of mind. Ask for examples of their follow-up strategies to ensure they go beyond the standard thank-you email and provide valuable insights that engage buyers further.
Hi Michael,

Thank you for bringing your client, Todd, to view Unit #3005. I've attached the floor plan for his reference and included some of the links we discussed during the showing.

Finding Your Way: The North Pedway Path from the New Eastside Revealed
The Chicago Pedway: New Eastside to Block 37
Did You Know Paris is Just a Stroll Away? (New East Side Paris Blog Post)

Feel free to share these with Todd, and let me know if there are any questions or if you need any additional information.

Looking forward to assisting you further!

Best Regards,
3. How do you continue to market my property if it doesn't sell quickly?
Initial marketing efforts are crucial, but what happens if your property doesn’t sell within the first 30 days? Ask about the agent’s strategies for keeping your listing fresh and appealing. An exceptional agent will update marketing materials, host additional open houses, and make strategic adjustments to the listing to attract new interest. They should provide examples of past strategies that have successfully revived interest in other properties.
The sample to the right is an e-blast sent to a private email list and to agents that actively have buyers in that price point.  The e-blast has a video and floor plan that agents can forward to clients.  

This e-blast can be sent to alert agents that the property is available for showings for the upcoming weekend, a broker's tour or to keep front of mind for their current or potential clients.
4. How do your relationships with other agents and the community benefit my sale?
A well-connected agent can leverage their relationships to benefit your sale. Ask about their network of realtor connections and community ties. An agent with strong relationships can tap into a broader pool of potential buyers and gain insights into buyer trends and preferences. This network can significantly enhance your property’s visibility and appeal.
5. How do you guide buyers to see my home as their ideal choice?
Buyers often hesitate to make decisions. Ask how the agent helps buyers see your home as the right choice. An adept agent will use a data-driven approach combined with a Dale Carnegie-style showing method to highlight the home’s features and fit with the buyer’s needs. They should be skilled at addressing buyer hesitations and guiding them towards a confident decision.
Skill Set of a Good Broker During Showings:

Using Names: I make it a point to use the buyer's and agent's names to build a rapport.
Asking the Right Questions: I get to the heart of the buyer's needs and what it will take for them to make a decision.
Knowledgeable Responses: With in-depth knowledge of the local market, I tackle any buyer objections head-on.
Win-Win Communication: I give meaningful information to the buyer's agent, ensuring the property stays in mind for a positive outcome.
6. What comprehensive marketing strategies do you employ?
While most agents will discuss their use of MLS and website listings, you need to know what else they bring to the table. Inquire about their use of professional photography, video tours, social media campaigns, e-blasts, and direct mail. A robust and varied marketing strategy maximizes your home’s exposure and attracts a wider audience of potential buyers.

Property Videos

Handout Postcard Front

Handout Postcard Back

7. Can you provide examples of your unique selling strategies?
Understanding an agent’s unique approach can help you decide if they’re the right fit. Ask for specific examples of their selling strategies and how they’ve successfully marketed and sold similar properties. This can give you a clear picture of their creativity, resourcefulness, and commitment to selling your home.
Conclusion: Why You Should Hire Ginger Menne
Choosing the right listing agent goes beyond the basics. It’s about finding someone who offers personalized showings, value-added follow-ups, continued marketing efforts, and strong community relationships. As an experienced agent specializing in Lakeshore East, I bring these elements together to offer a comprehensive and effective selling experience.

With my deep connections with other agents and community ties, I can position your property effectively and reach the right buyers. During showings, I engage with potential buyers to understand their needs and highlight how your home meets their criteria. My comprehensive follow-up strategy ensures that buyer interest is maintained and nurtured. Additionally, I have a proactive approach to keep your property fresh and appealing if it doesn’t sell quickly.

If you want an agent who goes beyond the standard practices and brings a personalized, strategic approach to selling your home, look no further. With my extensive marketing plan, dedication to exceptional service, and ability to guide buyers to see your home as their ideal choice, I am committed to making your home sale a standout success.

Ready to get started? Hire Ginger Menne and experience the difference.


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